Gummy Tropical Frogs



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Gummy Tropical Frogs



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Product description

Are you in need of some high-quality candies that are as flavorful and sweet as they are vibrantly colored? Well, you’re in luck: Sugar Bear Candy’s Gummy Frogs are just what you’re looking for. These brightly colored Gummy Frogs offer a refreshing, fruity taste that is sure to be enjoyed by people of any age.

About Our Gummy Frogs

At Sugar Bear Candy, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of sweets made to the highest standards. These premium Gummy Frogs are no exception – you are guaranteed to experience a burst of fresh fruity flavor with every bite you take. Various colors are swirled throughout the body of each Gummy Frog to mimic the coloration and patterns on their real-life amphibian counterparts. The bright colors and powerful flavors make our Gummy Frogs a favorite among young children, though people of all ages are known to enjoy Gummy Frogs too!

Why Buy Gummy Frogs from Sugar Bear Candy?

Sugar Bear Candy has some of the best prices on the market – eight ounces of sweets are just $6.98, and you can get double the amount (16 oz) at $13.96! You can order plenty of sweets in bulk, without having to worry about hurting your pocket. With a wide range of premium sweets, competitive prices, a smooth online shopping experience and high-quality customer service, Sugar Bear Candy is your one-stop shop for your all your candy needs.

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