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Psst! Hey you! Are you looking for a sweet treat unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before? If you're on a quest to satisfy your cravings for the most delectable treats, you've just discovered the goldmine of all things sweet and sensational – Sugar Bear, the best candy store and online nuts shop! At Sugar Bear, we're not just a candy store; we're a vibrant universe where gummy delights, luscious chocolate truffles, dried fruits that taste like sunshine, and nuts that pack a crunch are waiting to take you on a mouthwatering journey.

Whether you want to order candies online or discover new flavors with an online chocolate shop, we’re here to make it as enjoyable as possible.

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In a world where sugar takes on many marvelous forms, finding them all in one convenient place is every sugar lover’s dream! Here at Sugar Bear Candy Store, we’re all about helping you satisfy your cravings with the utmost convenience, which is why we stock a collection of sweet treats that are sure to hit the spot every time!  

  • A CANDY WONDERLAND: Tired of searching for the "best candy shop near me"? Your search ends here! Our candy shop is stacked with the widest selection of gummy bears, fizzy belts, sour straws, and every delightful candy imaginable. Explore a world where gummy bears become guilt-free guilty pleasures!
  • A WORLD OF CHOCOLATE: Calling all chocoholics! Our online chocolate store has transformed the art of chocolate indulgence into a convenient and tasty experience. Our luxurious chocolate collection will melt in your mouth and leave you in the “sweet spot” with a lingering flavor and creaminess. Indulge in the pure essence of cocoa magic at our online chocolate shop.
  • NATURE’S GEMS ‒ DRIED FRUITS AND NUTS: Health meets happiness in our online dried fruits shop! Crunch into the heartiness of premium nuts, perfectly roasted and seasoned to perfection. Our dried fruits, kissed by the sun and dried to preserve their juiciness, bring a burst of natural sweetness to every bite.

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Can't make it to our vibrant candy store? No worries! You can buy candy online and enjoy a seamless shopping spree of all your favorite sweet treats from the comfort of your couch. Browse through our charming aisles filled with candies that tickle nostalgia, chocolates that whisper decadence, and healthy snacks that redefine goodness. Your sweet dreams are only a click away!

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At Sugar Bear Candy Store, we don't just sell sweets; we create memories. Whether it's a birthday bash, a movie night, or simply a self-indulgent moment, our treats add that extra sprinkle of joy. We've transformed guilty pleasures into a celebration of life's little joys, making every bite an occasion to remember. So, if you’re on the hunt for irresistible moments, Sugar Bear Candy Store is here to take care of you!

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Stop stalling your long-awaited sugar adventure! Let’s turn those cravings into confections! Dive into a world where happiness is packaged in every bag of gummies, every box of chocolates, and every jar of dried fruits and nuts. Sugar Bear Candy Store is here to turn your ordinary day into a sweet adventure! 

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Featured This Month

Halloween Colors Gummy Bear Mix: Spooky Fun in Every Bite!
Halloween Colors Gummy Bear Mix: Spooky Fun in Every Bite! from $2.99
Get into the Halloween spirit with our "Halloween Colors Gummy Bear Mix" – a bewitching blend of orange, grape, and apple-flavored gummy bears that will add a burst of spooky fun to your celebrations. These gummy bears are a delightful treat that captures the essence of Halloween with every chewy bite. 🎃 Orange Delight: Enjoy the zesty and tangy goodness of orange-flavored gummy bears that pay homage to the iconic pumpkin. 🍇 Grape Ghoul: Dive into the mysterious depths of grape-flavored gummy bears that bring a touch of darkness to your candy bowl. 🍏 Apple Enchantment: Savor the crisp and juicy flavor of apple-flavored gummy bears that conjure the essence of autumn. 🕷️ Perfect for Halloween: Ideal for trick-or-treaters, Halloween parties, or as a sweet addition to your spooky decorations, our Halloween Colors Gummy Bear Mix is designed to make your festivities extra special. 📦 Convenient Packaging: Each bag is resealable, ensuring your gummy bears stay fresh and ready to enjoy throughout the Halloween season. Our "Halloween Colors Gummy Bear Mix" is presented in a vibrant and resealable bag, perfect for sharing the spooky fun with friends and family or as a delectable treat for yourself. Add a touch of Halloween magic to your festivities with our "Halloween Colors Gummy Bear Mix." Order now and let the vibrant gummy bears bring a burst of fun and flavor to your celebrations!
Blue M&M's
Blue M&M's from $4.99
Add a pop of vibrant color and delectable chocolate goodness to your day with our Blue M&M's! These iconic candy-coated chocolates are a timeless treat that promises to brighten your snacking experience. 💙 A Dash of Blue Elegance: Our Blue M&M's are a beautiful shade of blue, making them a delightful addition to candy bowls, party favors, or any occasion that calls for a touch of color. 🍫 Classic Chocolate Flavor: Bite into the crisp candy shell to reveal the rich, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate inside. It's the perfect balance of sweet and creamy. 🌈 Versatile and Fun: The vibrant blue color and classic round shape of these M&M's open up a world of creative possibilities. Use them for baking, decorating desserts, or simply enjoying as a snack. 👶 For Kids and Adults: M&M's have been a beloved treat for generations. Whether you're sharing them with little ones or satisfying your own chocolate cravings, they're a timeless joy. 📦 Convenient Packaging: Our Blue M&M's come in a resealable bag, ensuring they stay fresh for whenever you need a quick chocolate fix. 🌿 Quality Ingredients: Crafted with care, these M&M's are made with high-quality milk chocolate and a candy coating that delivers a satisfying crunch with each bite. 🎉 Perfect for Celebrations: Elevate your parties, holidays, and special events with the fun and color of Blue M&M's. They're a great addition to candy buffets and gift bags. 🚚 Quick and Secure Shipping: We offer fast and secure shipping options to ensure your Blue M&M's arrive in perfect condition, ready to add a burst of colorful joy to your day. Brighten your moments with the vibrant blue hues and classic chocolate flavor of our Blue M&M's. Whether you're decorating, snacking, or celebrating, these iconic candies are sure to make your day sweeter.
Candy Corn: A Classic Treat for Spooky Delights
Candy Corn: A Classic Treat for Spooky Delights from $2.99
Get ready for a classic Halloween indulgence with our "Halloween Candy Corn." These iconic tri-colored candies are a timeless favorite that embodies the spirit of Halloween and autumn. Perfect for trick-or-treaters, candy bowls, or simply satisfying your sweet cravings, our Candy Corn is a must-have for the season. 🎃 Timeless Tradition: Candy Corn has been a cherished Halloween tradition for generations, adding a touch of nostalgia to your spooky celebrations. 🍂 Autumnal Flavors: Enjoy the rich, honey-like sweetness and unique texture that makes Candy Corn a true autumn delicacy. 🍭 Versatile Treat: Whether you're using them to decorate cupcakes, create Halloween-themed desserts, or simply enjoying them straight from the bag, Candy Corn offers endless possibilities for spooky creativity. 👻 Festive Packaging: Our Candy Corn comes in Halloween-themed packaging that's perfect for adding a festive touch to your candy displays and gifts. 🕸️ Kid-Friendly: Candy Corn is loved by kids of all ages, making it an essential addition to your Halloween festivities. Capture the essence of fall and Halloween with the delightful sweetness of Candy Corn. Order yours now and let these classic candies be a part of your Halloween traditions, creating moments of warmth and nostalgia amidst the spookiness.
Gummy Butterflies Gummy Butterflies
Gummy Butterflies from $2.99
Need a unique and charming candy for a special celebration or simply to snack on yourself? Well, you’re in luck! Here at Sugar Bear Candy, we’d gladly offer you a generous helping of these beautiful and delicious Gummy Butterflies. About Our Gummy Butterflies Sugar Bear Candy’s Gummy Butterflies are truly one of a kind. With their translucent yet vibrant colors and their distinctive shape, these Gummy Butterflies might evoke nostalgia in plenty of people. We personally think it reminds us of classic 90s accessories like butterfly hair clips and handmade friendship bracelets! But that’s not all; each of our Gummy Butterflies has a unique, fruity flavor depending on its color. For a quick and refreshing snack, pop these in your mouth one at a time to savor each flavor individually or have a few at one go for a unique flavor explosion like no other! Why Buy Gummy Butterflies from Sugar Bear Candy? Sugar Bear Candy has consistently served candies and sweet treats made to the highest of standards. Not only that, but here at Sugar Bear, we also believe that high quality sweets don’t need to have even higher prices; in fact, our rates are some of the most competitive on the market, at just $6.98 for eight ounces and $13.96 for 16! This means that you can indulge in candies from our online store to your heart’s content, and not have to worry about breaking the bank!If you have any questions about ordering our Gummy Butterflies, feel free to contact us today!


Gabby Zhaukesh is the founder and CEO of Sugar Bear. In 2017, she had a vision to reimagine the way children and adults alike experience candy. Sugar Bear is that dream turned into a reality. With her years of expertise in the candy industry, she has been able to create a whimsical, sugar-filled experience filled with all the sweet treats you can imagine.

With stores spanning New Jersey and New York, our mission is for every single person who enters our store to enjoy the Sugar Bear experience, and embrace their inner child.

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